Riviera Olympia is the place to go for leisure, pleasure and fun. An Exclusive Water Theme Park Adventure: The Olympia Aqua Park where fun & fantasy rule and a thousand Greek myths are told.

A mega theme park dream come true for the young and brave at heart, of all ages. Hercules and Olympia, the mascots of the Olympia Aqua Park introduce you into their world of Greek gods & heroes. Welcome. Your own Greek myth is waiting to be written.

The Olympia Aqua Park is filled with heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, record breaking waterslides, rides and aqua towers. This mega-waterpark, the largest in a Greek resort, is a whirling 20,000 m² of excitement waiting to be discovered. The ultimate experience for the whole family in absolute safety.

Relax and unwind during your day out Olympia Aqua Park in the new seating areas and bar. Embraced by a natural pine woods this relaxing venue is ideal for anyone who wishes to kick-back and enjoy themselves in the sun speckled patios.


Get ready to take the plunge! Experience an exclusive water theme park adventure and some of the wildest water slides around. Launch yourself at lighting speeds as innovative technology propels you up and down on jets of water. Take a dive into a new world of adventure and fantasy.

A high adrenaline ride. Ready to release yourself? Prepare yourself for one of the highest drops you can experience. This amazing attraction features a unique "launch capsule" that blasts its way 20 m into the sky-the starting point of your descent back to earth.

One of the largest rides for speed riding that creates ultimate excitement in three different levels! Experience the excitement of an enclosed tube exiting into a huge open bowl and continuing with several whirls around the sides of the bowl with centrifugal force; and finally ending with a big splash into the ‘hole’.

Give you an unforgettable ride pumping more adrenaline through your body. And it all starts from the moment you reach the top of the slide tower. Up there, you get a bird's-eye view of what's ahead of you. Look down and see the dizzying ride below. And when you hit splash down? All you think is, 'Wow! I've gotta do that again!'

Feel the power of the Wave Slide’s tidal surges. A high-speed ride that offers screams, adrenaline and fun. Wave Slide delivers the highest level of ride performance with maximum safety. A breathtaking experience that provides fun for all guests, young at heart. After just one ride, you will keep rushing back.

The water adventure continues with the sudden onset of Flying Boats. Immerse yourself in the thrill of white water rafting. Riders enjoy a high-speed, special-effects-fueled ride with additional rushes up-and-down before a final downhill and amazing drop.

Take an unforgettable ride and navigate your way through the labyrinth of tunnels in the amazing Black Hole. Its unique natural effect, gives you the thrill of rafting. Drop into the darkness and feel the ultimate excitement. The boat tours take you on a mysterious journey until the moment you fall into fresh water.

Are you brave enough to take on the Multi Surf multilane thrill ride? Test your nerves at this exhilarating mega-slide! Experience the dramatic plunges and bumps and the unique speed finale into the blue. And don’t forget: hold your breath and your pants. The fun is only beginning!


Hercules and Olympia are the mascots of the Olympia Aqua Park. Although they are famous for their brave selves and legendary lives they are just a kid at heart and welcome young water fans into their mythical world.
Designed with younger guests in mind, the new fun-tastic aqua tower with 100 aqua games in a 1,200 m² paddling pool will entertain all little adventurers. A multi-level play structure including waterfalls, jets, slides and a water volcano is awaiting the little ones at Olympia Aqua Park.

Kids! Brace yourselves for the ultimate shower – an enormous tipping bucket of fun sends several hundred litres of water gushing down from above. Get ready for ultimate fun on climbing nets and waterslides to take your adventure to the next level.
And that’s not all! Spray Action awaits all little guests. A fun place with aqua spray games designed for more enjoyable experience.


In the Peloponnese’s balmy climate and Kyllini’s unspoiled nature the new Olympia Aqua Park is within the Riviera Olympia Activity Park, a record breaking fun zone with 40,000m² and numerous activities offered, there's something for everyone: from tennis academy and mini soccer to basketball and archery. Sport lovers will also find a myriad of challenges including mountain biking, horse riding, trekking and paintball.


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